• Moving from dasBlog to Octopress/Jekyll

    I’ve decided to move this blog away from dasBlog and over to another platform, Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator - you create your posts as markdown files, run a command, and it generates all of the files for your blog as static html files.

  • Powershell AuthorizationManager check failed

    While debugging some Powershell scripts today, I started getting an error:

    AuthorizationManager check failed. At C:\Users\pkearne\setupPLT.ps1:6 char:14 + ./logging.ps1 <<<< + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [], PSSecurityException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : RuntimeException After some web searching, there seems to be two primary reasons this happens:

    • An empty Powershell profile script
    • WMI service not running
  • waze

    A few days back on a DL I frequent, someone asked for a better traffic mobile app. The thread piqued my interest, but I really thought it would be a rehash of all the known apps out there.

  • Remember, controller classes need to be public

    File this one under Duh! I was troubleshooting a routing issue I was having with a portable area in ASP.Net MVC. For some reason I kept getting a 404. The solution was pretty big, so I created two new projects to try and isolate the problem.

  • VerificationException: Operation could destabilize the runtime

    I came across this exception this morning while playing with RavenDB. A quick search shows several people have seen this exception but not a lot of solutions.

  • VB6 and .Net Interop Fun

    A friend of a friend asked me to help with a project. He is a VB6 developer. Still. But he needed to incorporate a .Net component into the VB6 application in an easy way. So I’ve been helping him out, building up a .Net control using the Microsoft Interop Toolkit. It’s a free add-in to Visual Studio that takes away a lot of the complexities in building COM interop components in .Net.

  • Principles vs. Methods in Software Development

    I just posted on our Development@msnbc blog some thoughts on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote and it’s applicability to software development.

  • DasBlog: Fixing 404’s for mapped urls

    Two things have been bugging me since I migrated this blog over to dasBlog: I started getting a bunch of 404 errors for urls that are mapped to dasBlog handlers, and getting a better html editor wasn’t working.

  • Entity Framework: use properties for your entities

    I’ve been banging my head against what seemed to be a very simple problem. Using the new Entity Framework 4.1, I created a simple entity class:

  • A thank you from Caleb and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation

    Thank you all again for making my head-shaving event so incredibly successful. At the last minute, “Phoebe” donated $50, bringing our total to $11,500–exactly $4000 more than I had set as a goal! Imagine my surprise when I checked the site tonight and saw that another $250 had come in! And with the matching gifts that will trickle in, St. Baldrick’s made more than $17,000 from my one silly haircut.

  • The fro must go

    From my friend Caleb:

  • New developer blog

    We just launched a new developer blog over at msnbc.com: Development @ msnbc. We are covering a bunch of different aspects about software development, from technical nitty-gritty on how we build and operate the software that runs our family of websites to philosophical perspectives on the softer side of development.

  • Giving Back

    This is a slightly modified version of a post I made at Development@msnbc.

  • nSosumi: a c# port of a MobileMe scraper

    This is a C#/.Net port of Sosumi by Tyler Hall. Tyler’s original PHP project can be found here: https://github.com/tylerhall/sosumi

  • Resolving TFS error TF14087: Cannot undelete X because not all of the deletion is being undeleted

    At work, we recently encountered this error in TFS when trying to merge from our trunk into a project branch. There’s some information on the internet about this error, but none of them directly applied to our issue. Thankfully, one of the benefits of having Microsoft as a parent company is access to TFS engineers.

  • My love affair with WinDbg (or high CPU utilization in ASP.Net and the runaway iterator)

    A while back I attended a “Debugging .Net Applications” course taught by John Robbins from Wintellect. I loved the course and ever since I’ve grown more and more fond of WIndbg. I absolutely love how it can quickly take an issue and lead you to the core problem. A few weeks ago, we noticed in one of our pre-production environments incrementally increasing CPU utilization in our ASP.Net application:

  • Reclaiming disk space from Outlook OST files

    I recently received a warning for Windows telling me I was dangerously low on disk space on my laptop’s C: partition. I intentionally don’t put a lot on my C: because I like to be able to pave my machine’s OS frequently without having to worry about backing up my data, so my C: partition usually only has the OS and applications. I have 40 GB dedicated to my C: partition, and I have never bumped up against any space constratints.

  • Subversion error: Could not read status line: Connection was closed by server

    I’ve recently setup a local Subversion server for a project I’m working on with some other guys. It took a bit of convincing that having multiple developers on a project requires a source control system. Prior to the past few months, there’s only been one developer working on the project (for the past 18 years!), so they’ve never needed version control. OK, well, they didn’t think they needed version control. Version control was simply making a copy of the folder before you start making changes.